“Mustangs to the Rescue” Open House

On a recent beautiful Central Oregon afternoon, a non-profit organization, Mustangs to the Rescue (MTTR), hosted an open house to introduce itself to the Bend community and showcase its new facility. Organizers planned for visitors to gather information about equine rescue and MTTR’s purpose, history, and operation.

MTTR is a non-profit, all-breed equine rescue that has moved from a nearby community into southwestern Bend. It’s large quarters are on a property boasting stalls and pens for rescues, a big barn and an indoor arena. Some horses are ready for adoption while others are being socialized and trained for potential adopters who love and appreciate horses.

The open house’s well-wishers could listen to talented musicians, select from a variety of used tack, and bid on very cool auction items, including a stunning western-themed quilt. Out behind the barn a popular chuck wagon rustled up coffee and snacks.

The paddocks contained horses in various sizes, colors, and stages of socialization.

Youngsters wearing riding gear, on horseback exercised rescues, others lunged horses, and some stayed busy grooming. With permission from event monitors, viewers offered treats to socialized horses.


MTTR is Kate Beardsley’s brainchild. She’s a well-known Central Oregon equine expert who’s spent years rescuing, rehabilitating, and training horses. She’s also a certified wilderness tracker, often tapped to locate and retrieve lost humans and animals. For years, Kate dreamed of creating MTTR while personally rescuing and re-homing horses. In 2012 MTTR received its official non-profit status. Her dream become reality.

Along with its focus on helping horses, MTTR conducts outreach programs. It educates and supports guardian-owners, wranglers, horseback riders, and folks interested in learning about equines. Outreach stresses appropriate interaction and care.

The Rescue depends on its helpers who have energy and commitment. Daily, volunteers assist with MTTR’s operations to maintain its success. They do all sorts of work, often until late in the day, managing chores–feeding, cleaning, grooming, exercising, and training.

For the long term, the Rescue must remain viable and become long-lasting, with ever-increasing effectiveness in rescuing and saving wild, unwanted, and mistreated horses. Volunteers who rehabilitate rescues are work-focused and love the animals.

You will, too! If you enjoy horses and want “equine fixes”, visit MTTR. Get in touch and learn from the Rescue, or volunteer and help with the animals. You’ll love participating and join a terrific group of folks, all ages, who love horses.

Considering adopting? Check out MTTR’s gorgeous mares, geldings, and occasional donkeys, all awaiting homes. Kate and crew understand how to help identify the best match for your lifestyle.

The Rescue’s Phone: 541-330-8943; website: MustangsToTheRescue.org; email address: info@MustangsToTheRescue.org.

Pictures by the author plus MTTR stock photos.

Remember, be kind, ride safely, seek good trails, and always wear a helmet.

Diana, “Trail Rider in Central Oregon”, email: bendgal541@aol.com

(P.S. I’d love feedback about this blog and suggestions for future topics.)

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